3rd Skull Base Reconstruction with Pedicled Flaps

13 November 2019 | Barcelona, Spain

Data congresso:
13 November 2019 | Barcelona, Spain

3rd Skull Base Reconstruction with Pedicled Flaps
Barcelona, Spain

November 13, 2019

Course Directors:
Dr. Isam Alobid
Dr. Juan Ramón Gras

The skull base reconstruction should achieve a complete sealing of the defect and make the nasosinusal territory independent of the cranial cavity, thus avoiding the appearance of cerebrospinal fluid leak and possible intracranial complications. 

The vascularized flaps, local or regional, provide a vital tissue of high quality that allows to carry out definitive reconstructions in a more reliable way, minimizing the problems of scarring and tissue necrosis. 

In this course, anatomy-surgical references and vascularization of the nasal septum and nasal lateral wall will be reviewed in anatomical samples. Each participant will have the opportunity to perform all types of vascularized flaps. This dissection will be supervised by our faculties.


Dr. Juan Manuel Ademá
Dr. Isam Alobid
Dr. Manuel Bernal-Sprekelsen
Dr. Juan Ramón Gras Albert
Dr. Juan Ramón Gras Cabrerizo 
Dr. Mustafa Kadiri 
Dr. Cristobal Langdon
Dr. Mauricio López
Dr. Franklin Mariño 
Dr. Humbert Massegur
Dr. Joan Ramon Montserrat
Dr. Ramón Moreno

Guest Faculty

Prof. Ricardo Carrau (USA)