The ORL Society of JAPAN Bulletin 2020


Dear international friends,

This is to introduce “The ORL Society of JAPAN Bulletin 2020”. This is the inaugural issue of the official Bulletin of the Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Society of Japan which introduces the activities of our society.

Although we have suffered from COVID-19 pandemic which interfered our activities in many aspects, we have still been keeping the international correspondence and friendship. Here we set up our first publication of the Bulletin to share our domestic and international activities including clinical and research materials, as well as academic, educational, and scientific matters with our friends in the world.

Our society met the 121st anniversary, and the annual meeting was successfully held by hybrid style with over 6,000 participants either on site or on the web. The international committee keeps working on the exchange of information with international societies of other countries, and also contributes in the advancement of IFOS.

The Bulletin includes the information of Auris Nasus Larynx, the official international journal of our society, which has provided the innovative information on clinical and research findings collected from all over the world.

The Bulletin also includes the academic activities of 15 subspecialty societies that promote the update of knowledge and technology of each area. Each society also stimulates the activity of the members by giving an award for the best achievement of the year.

It is our great pleasure to share the information of the continuous activities of our society by the Bulletin with your society members.


Prof. Emeritus Shingo Murakami
Chairman, Board of Directors

Prof. Shigeharu Fujieda
Board of Directors, International Committee

Prof. Seiji Kakehata
Board of Directors, International Committee

Prof. Tatsuya Yamasoba
General Secretary, Local Bid Committee for IFOS 2026

Prof. Shigeru Hirano
Board of Directors, International Committee

The Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Society of Japan, Inc.
Tel; +81-3-3443-3085 Fax; +81-3-3443-3037


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